Heart Of Himalayas Private Limited is the only and one stop solution for all your property search in the hills of Tehri Garhwal and Mussourie, Uttaranchal. We deals in sale purchase and lease of Single Family Homes, Cottages, Flats, Condominiums, Apartments, Hotels, Restaurants, Agriculture & Residential Lands, etc. We have hundreds of sites available either in brokerage or owned by our company. Heart Of Himalayas Private Limited is a revolution in the field of property consultancy.


We also install pre-fabricated structures with permanent base foundation and assembles the wooden homes upto 2 stories. We specialize In concrete constructions and provide plotting demarcation layouts on field and on papers. Design architectural layout with defining images.


Heart Of Himalayas Private Limited is formed on 1st August 2013 with an idea to fulfill the dreams of every indiviual to own a house in the heart of nature that's why our slogan "Your Dream To Live In Hills, We Make Them Come True". and within the period of 5 years we have sold hundreds of properties with cheapest rates ever possible.


We also finance our properties with 7% of interest annually, amount of finance can be 30-65% of LTV (loan to value) of total cost.

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