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Why are So Many Leaving?

Hills of Uttrakhand and Himachal many say is the future. As hills still carry the essence of our past, that's why we call it devbhoomi. Both are diverse state, pushing progressive policies that could be models for the rest of the country.

Yet people are leaving in droves for opportunities elsewhere.

The actual migration patterns on hills are quite as bad as that sounds.

This pattern is in practice over decades

But still less severe than domestic out-migration during the previous decade. But the patterns of who’s moving in, and who’s moving out, underline some of the social and economic pressure that have made Uttrakhand, and other hill areas, so prohibitively expensive.

Missing of Industrial sector, multinational or corporate houses are not only the reasons for this migration.

As per my survey hills are the most expensive areas. You may get some products above MRP, milk packets are the best example as you have to pay Rs. 27 per 1/2 litre packet where the MRP mentioned on it is Rs. 26.

Absence of shopping chain group franchises like Easyday and Big Bazaar for food and other daily needs could be a major reason for the prevailing monopoly of local retailers.

Inadequacy of Online shopping awareness is also a major cause of expense. Fashion of online shopping is not taking speed due to the pathetic service of courier partners. On hills Indiapost is the only lifeline available to most of the pin codes and no one trust on this channel as they are depending on local bus transportation which is neither safe nor reliable.

The acute lack of options is pushing many residents out of the state, with little hope of returning. 

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